Denzel Curry and Flatbush Zombies are preparing for battle—sort of. Earlier today (Oct. 18), Curry and the Brooklyn crew announced Zeltron V. Zombies, head-to-head show set to take place in Miami on Nov. 16. The event is presented by the folks at Red Bull Music.

While some took the announcement to be about a one-on-three rap battle between Curry and the Zombies, this doesn't appear to be the case. Red Bull Music says the show will see "Zeltron goes head to head with the Flatbush Zombies in a sound clash/martial arts inspired rap blowout." Notice, the word "battle" isn't in there, but the words sound clash are.

A sound clash is a competition that sees two groups of artists perform on the same stage at different times during one particular day. The goal is to win the biggest reaction from the audience. This sort of competition is traditionally held between dancehall or reggae artists, but, as you can see, it can also be held in the world of rap.

Red Bull Music says Curry, who dropped off his Ta13oo album over the summer, reached out to the Vacation in Hell artists because he thought they might match the energy he brings to shows. It looks like he was looking for a worthy group of competitors, and it's safe to say he found them.

Tickets for the event, which will be priced between $10-$15, can be purchased through Red Bull Music's official website.

Peep the promo poster for yourself in the tweet below.

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