Denzel Curry has had an extremely busy year, but his latest update might have fans believing that he's switching his style up in 2019.

On Tuesday (Dec. 11), the 2016 XXL Freshman hit up his Twitter timeline to drop a bomb on his fans with just one tweet. The Miami rapper proclaimed that he's gearing up to drop—get this—a dubstep album. Not only is Curry shifting his focus on the EDM scene, but he's also preparing to collaborate with legendary country singer and marijuana activist Willie Nelson.

The news about his plans for new music in 2019 comes after his song "Switch It Up" was selected as the intro track for the Miami Heat's 2018-2019 season. Back in October, the Miami Heat dropped their intro video for the new season, which features a remixed version of his song off his TA13OO album

For the NBA version, the Carol City, Fla. rapper replaces words with "Miami" for his home team on the song's chorus, rapping, "Miami nice, Miami mean (switch it up)/Miami raw, Miami Heat, switch it up/Miami boss, we in the lead (switch it up)/I'ma get buckets by any means (run it up)." For the official intro video, Curry also alters the track's first verse with a few basketball terms as the camera pans to every player on the roster.

If the ULT rapper is serious about his new update, then get ready to hear Denzel Curry in rare form in the New Year. Check out his plans for 2019 below.

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