While the rest of the hip-hop world celebrated the life of A$AP Yams earlier this month, Miami hip-hop artist and former A$AP affiliate SpaceGhostPurrp went on a Twitter onslaught disrespecting the brains behind the rise of the A$AP Mob.

"Like I said Fuck Lil B, fuck Rocky, fuck Yams, fuck y'all dead family members if you mad and if you mad fight me one on one be quiet," tweeted the disgruntled Purrp on Jan. 5. This resulted in a back and forth between Purrp and A$AP Twelvyy and plenty of threats sent back and forth on social media. The Mob and Purrp had previously laid their beef to bed in 2014 after having issues during the A$AP's rise.

Florida rapper Denzel Curry rounded up the troops to defend Yams' legacy and dropped "(RIP Yams) SpaceGhostPussy" on Monday (Jan. 25) and went right at SpaceGhost with an aggressive diss song that gets right to the point and clocks in at under two minutes.

Purrp and Curry continued to trade shots with solo diss records as Space dropped "End Of Stan 2" and "Training Day The End of Denzel" while Denzel unleashed "Purrposely." The venom in the songs leads us to believe that this beef is far from over and at the end of "Purrposely," Curry tells Purrp to send him an address so he can pull up on him.

SpaceGhostPurrp also went on a vicious Twitter tirade earlier today (Jan. 27) and continued to diss Yams and Rocky. The Miami MC went even further by claiming that he was "going to piss on J Dilla's grave."


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