Denzel Curry has been putting in some serious work in the studio. Just last month, he put out his three-part Ta13oo album and he is already back in the lab putting together another offering.

On Sunday (Aug. 19), the South Florida rapper shared the good news with fans on social media. Following a random tweet about the blandness of his Wikipedia page, the "Percs" MC slid in the tidbit about his forthcoming release. "BTW I’m already working on the next album," he typed.

This got many fans hype, one of which asked the rapper to drop the album on Monday (Aug. 20). "Yes!!! Drop it tmrw fuck it why not," @RobbyHalla2 urged.

Curry jokingly replied, "Yeah! Why the Fuck not it’s not like I gotta live up to expectations or anything right! 😅."

Just last month, Curry left fans with more than enough material to hold them over for a while, releasing Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3 of his Ta13oo album.

Curry explained the motivation behind the LPs to XXL saying, "There’s a lot of things and a lot of topics that we don’t talk about like, just as a people or with yourself or with your family. There’s certain things that are taboo and certain things that you don’t like to talk about and I go through the whole thing of really examining who I was from my childhood and from this newfound fame and even losing it to a certain degree, like, me falling off to really reflect on myself."

He added, "Just expressing myself about how I feel about the whole game and how my life is going, and if I keep going down the path that I was going, and if I keep going down the path that I was going I would end up being the person that’s not giving a fuck or conform to what’s happening."

Now he's on to the next one.

Check out Denzel Curry's tweets below.

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