Deniro Farrar has been quiet for a minute but returns for summer '16 with the new EP Mind of a Gemini.

The Charlotte, N.C. MC drops seven new tracks containing no features, with his solo presence on the project making up for the time he's missed. On the new EP, Deniro makes a play on the astrological sign of the Gemini as the song titles are all some of the characteristics of G men (and G women) including "Duality," "Deceitful," "Eloquent," "Impractical," "Moody," "Consistently Inconsistent" and "Unpredictable."

The colorful cover art for the project also plays on the duel characteristics of the Gemini as the rapper is pictured as two people. One is a peaceful thong-sandle rocking brother. And the other is toting an assault rifle and appears to be with the shits.

DF's last release, Cliff of Death II EP with Young God came out last June. The project featured guest appearances from frequent collaborator Duru Tha King, Tune, Gucci Mane, Nacho Picasso and Mack Shine.

After a lull in releases, earlier this year, Farrar dropped the single "All Black." The song does not appear on this project and is more than likely for the MC's upcoming album.

He is currently working on the project Guilty Until Proven Innocent, which has been in the works for a while now and is set to drop some time this year under Warner Bros. Records. Until then, check out Mind of a Gemini, above.

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