DeJ Loaf is here to mean more than just a hit song from 2014. She's proving that she has something left to say after her initial break onto the scene and is now channeling that energy into a warm, summer track with "No Fear."

On Friday (June 9) on Instagram, the Detroit artist uploaded a snippet of a new song that will most likely be on her debut album, Liberated. The producer isn't revealed, but it resembles the work of a dance producer similar to Calvin Harris. The lyrics fit the sentiment many feel when they find a summertime romance that they think will never end.

XXL spoke with DeJ earlier this year to catch up on things, including her personal growth and work on her new album. During the interview, she stressed the attention she's paying to her word choice as well as feel to the music: "I wanna play with the big dogs. I wanna make big music. I’m making music that I want to last forever, not just a quick hit. I don’t chase hits, I just do music and it comes out how it does."

The warmer feel to "No Fear" is possibly what she was referring to when she admitted a little concern with people's reactions to her new album: "They’re gonna be like, 'Oh.' I hope they’re not shocked, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. It’s not that much different. It’s different, but not too far off."

You can listen to the preview of "No Fear" below.

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