DDG recently performed at Southern University and A&M College, and the crowd could apparently care less.

DDG's Performance Doesn't Excite Southern University Students

On Friday (Oct. 13), a TikTok user who goes by jehvanaj hopped on the video-based platform and shared a snippet of DDG's performance at Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, La., which can be seen below. In the video, DDG performed his hit single "Elon Musk." However, not too many people in the audience seemed interested in the rapper's set. A few concertgoers decided to scroll on their phones while others stared blankly at the 26-year-old artist.

Some individuals, though, were psyched to see DDG on stage. In the background of the aforementioned video, a few voices can be heard chanting the lyrics to "Elon Musk," while others can be seen recording DDG's set.

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DDG Will Potentially Become a Father Soon

In recent DDG-related news, the rapper's girlfriend, Halle Bailey, has restarted pregnancy rumors for the second time after The Shade Room shared exclusive photos of DDG and Halle Bailey in Santa Monica, Calif. In the photos, Hailey is wearing a large hoodie and oversized sweatpants to potentially conceal a baby bump. In the singer's most recent Instagram pictures, it looks like she is trying to hide her stomach as well.

Talks of Halle Bailey being preggers began last month after she was pictured with DDG at Fashion Week in Milan, Italy. At the time, Halle wore a dress that covered her stomach. DDG and Halle Bailey have been dating since last March.

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Look at the crowd's reaction to DDG's performance below.

Watch DDG Perform at Southern University and the Crowd Apparently Not Caring About It

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