David Banner will be one of panelists at The LA Riots: Twenty Years Later Conference taking place at Harvard University on April 27 & 28.

The rapper/producer will join leading scholars, activists and artists to take part in a discussion about the events that took place 20 years ago and what lasting affects the 1992 riots have had.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to speak at Harvard…it is vital that we talk about what we can do to better ourselves and our communities; now and for the next 20 years,” Banner said in a press release sent to XXL. “The people of America, especially our youth, have the power to be heard; to change legislation and positively impact our culture for generations to come.”

The conference will “combine a critical retrospective examination of the uprising with reflections on democracy and inequity today, a time of economic crisis and revolution in much of the world.”

Always a voice for the people, Banner came to the forefront as one of the most outspoken rappers in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and the issue of racial profiling in America.

“What I want everyone in America to realize is that no matter what we teach our kids about being safe, if it's a flawed system, then there's nothing our children can do,” the Mississippi MC recently told 106 & Park. “We have to change the system.

“How many times does this have to happen before we realize, we can march, we can sing, we can make songs?” Banner continued. “No. We have to do something that means something so this will never happen to another child again."
—Nicholas Sella

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