The disturbing circumstances surrounding the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown at the hands of a Ferguson, Missouri police officer has stirred up emotions and protests across the country. Riding on the heels of the tragic deaths of African-Americans Travyon Martin and Eric Garner amongst others, the death of Brown has only made tensions between the black community and police worse.

Last night, Banner appeared on CNN to discuss the Tweets and the increasing danger of being a young African-American in the United States:

[The tweets were] definitely taken out of context. First off all, on Sundays I always dialogue with my fans. I always push my fans to think. And at the time that had nothing to do with what was going on in Ferguson. But it still applies. What I was saying is white cops do not see value in young, black men. And the reason why a lot of young, black men – not all black men – kill each other is because they don’t see any value either.

So many people have bought into this Americanized system, and America historically has always tortured, killed, and enslaved black people. And I have not forgot that. So, there’s a reason why we don’t see value, but it’s different because cops are paid to protect us....

The thing that America is telling our children, and this is the sad part, is black folks if you don't make me comfortable, we will kill you.

With no resolution in sight, hopefully more and more hip-hop artists will use their platform to raise awareness.