Here's an unlikely alliance if there ever was one. David Banner was on Twitter over the weekend, writing about a number of various topics before unloading this piece of unexpected analysis. "I think people should give @Migos their proper credit. Their style is dope enough to use but you won't say their names," he wrote.

Banner is likely referring to the run-on sentence flow that many credit Migos for innovating. Snoop Dogg said something similar, though with significantly less props, back in October of 2014, when he said that everybody in rap was trying to use the same style, though he wasn't sure whether Migos or Future had started the trend. Snoop was cracking on the ubiquity of the style but closed by saying, "It's addictive. You hear that shit everywhere."

Similarly, Migos have taken credit for starting the dab craze, with group member Offset going so far as to beef with Peewee Longway over proper attribution. After Longway claimed that he was the first to say "pipe it up" and "dab," Offset tweeted, "CLAIMING WORDS AINT HELPING CAREERS OR CLAIMING DA DAB SHIIT LAME MAKE A HIT NIGGA." The group likewise clowned Bow Wow when he tried to explain what dabbing really meant, tweeting out, "Bow wow must of got a little too high this morning."

The difference between creating a style and popularizing it can sometimes be a narrow line, but Banner, like many others, gives the Migos their proper due, as they have continued to position themselves as innovators within the genre. Peep Banner's comment below.

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