Dame Dash has lost custody of his two daughters to his ex-wife Rachel Roy. According to TMZ, both Dash and Roy were seeking full custody of 15-year old Ava and 6-year old Tallulah, but it was Roy in the end who was awarded sole legal and physical custody of the girls. Damon and Rachel accused one another of being unfit parents, with Dame claiming Rachel drove drunk with one of the girls and even threatened to cut him with a knife. As for Rachel, her argument was that Dash's involvement with drugs and women was a bad influence on their daughters.

In the end, the judge sided with Rachel Roy and ruled that Dash, who wasn't even present for the hearing, only gets supervised visitation. In addition to custody of their children, Roy also filed a three-year restraining order against the hip-hop mogul.

Dame recently settled his legal dispute with Lee Daniels. The suit was over a loan that Dash gave Daniels to help make The Woodsman, and now, both parties have agreed to drop the suit. Perhaps the two will collaborate on future projects now that the beef is squashed. Damon is also currently working on Culture Vulturesan audiobook that details his grind from the streets to becoming a successful businessman.

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