DaBaby has settled with a woman over a fender bender and he's got the evidence to back him up.

In a video he posted to Instagram on Wednesday (Oct. 23), DaBaby explains that he got into a minor car accident with a young woman. He admits that the accident happened when he bumped into her at a stoplight and clarifies that there weren't any damages done to her car. To make things official, the "Suge" rapper even recorded himself giving her $150 in cash and got the woman to say that everything is fine on her end.

"Okay look, I just ran into her car at the light. She said it ain't no damage. It's cool," DaBaby says in the video. "I said 'Let me give you one of these pink fifties anyways. I gave her one fifty. I said it's from DaBaby. She said, 'I'm listening to your shit right now.' I done ran into the back of her shit, while she playing my shit."

After he got her on camera confirming that everything was cool, DaBaby went on to explain that he recorded the video for future reference. The 2019 XXL Freshman knows better than to just go by a stranger's word in any situation, especially one that can become a legal crisis real quick. Luckily, the woman in question didn't seem like she was going to press any charges, but Baby can never be too careful nowadays.

Peep the evidence DaBaby collected for yourself below.

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