As confirmed earlier, Da Brat has been released from prison after completing a three year sentence for aggravated assault. In her first interview since being released from jail, spoke to the So So Def rapper where she addressed her time served and what it’s like being back home.

“It’s been crazy, everybody has been hitting me up,” said the Chicago native. “I’m in the A [Atlanta] doing house arrest. I have this nice leg monitor jewelry. I’ma put some Swarovski Crystals on this.”

A work-release program allowed Da Brat to have some freedom over the last year and she’s now ordered to serve house arrest in the ATL. “I actually had more freedom in the work release program because I got to home on pass,” the Funkdafied MC said. “In the transition center you work and go back and forth to your job. When you’re on pass you can go home. But I ain’t trippin‘. It’s all good. All of this will be over soon.”

In fact, Da Brat revealed that she might be off house arrest within three to six months. For now, the 38-year-old rapper is focused on working on her music, “I’m getting some beats sent to me right now from JD. I wasn’t really motivated in there to write. I need to be able to hear some fire beats and I need to hear it loud. I got two and a half years of shit built up that I need to talk about. I’m ready to get it in. I can’t wait."

Stay tuned to for our full interview with Da Brat where she talks about Mariah Carey and JD visiting her in jail, how she was a “boss bitch” in prison, and her thoughts on Nicki Minaj. —Nicole LoPresti