D.R.A.M. rings in Valentine's Day the right way with a brand new visual for "Cute," an irresistibly tender track from his debut album, Big Baby D.R.A.M.

The new video finds a puppet version of the "Broccoli" performer, which recently went four times platinum, chilling with a variety of baddies as his real-life counterpart sings at least a few stereotypical "here goes nothing" Tinder pick-up lines.

"I choose you like a Pokémon/I choose you, you're selection one," D.R.A.M. belts out on the candy-coated new single. "I got money, you got money too/So let's go half on rent," he continues.

In another part of the song, D.R.A.M. gets even more loving as he promises to give his love pretty much whatever she wants.

"When I buy you a new purse it's cause you bought my kicks/I move fast like a brand new car," he sings in the song's second verse. "I move fast like a shooting star/If I say we married then goddamn we getting married/If you need it and I got it you can have it bitch I'm sharing/If you crying I'ma ask you why you crying bitch I'm caring."

When puppet D.R.A.M. isn't parlaying with a few beautiful women, he's dancing around with real life D.R.A.M. as the repetitive, but never monotonous hook cruises in and out. The effortlessly charming "Cute" is pretty much the music video equivalent of your favorite romantic comedy, and watching it feels like a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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