CyHi The Prynce details his legendary status in the new music video for "Legend." The visuals help the Atlanta rapper show fans why he's been the man in his town, but CyHi breaks it all down in his rhymes.

"This is real trap shit/Keep the calculator like I'm bout to do a math quiz/Put the mustard on the turkey bag that's how we wrap shit/Before I did this rap shit, coulda been a draft pick/Rather hit a fast lick, always had a bad bitch/Who left me for a rich nigga cause I never had shit/But once she see how green the grass is/She'll be running back, after she done had kids/But can you blame her/You see all the swag, bitch/Look at what my dad did/He raised a motherfucking legend," CyHi raps on the second verse.

"Legend" will appear on CyHi's debut album No Dope on Sunday, which is due out later this year. In a recent interview, the G.O.O.D. Music artist explained the meaning of his LP's title.

“I’m not a weekend rapper,” CyHi said. “I make music for Sunday through Thursday, real life, not fantasy. I want this album to touch everyone – even the most street dude; make him want to shut down his trap on Sundays, which could lead to him shutting down on other days too. We move on to the next thing so fast, I want this album to make them take at least one day to assess what they got going on.”

No Dope on Sunday will feature guest appearances by Travis Scott, Schoolboy Q and Pusha T. The project is currently scheduled for a spring or summer release.

Watch CyHi's "Legend" video below.

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