CupcakKe, Kreayshawn and TT the Artist pull up in So Drove's new video for "Get Ya Shine On," a track they dropped a couple months back.

The new James Thomas Marsh-directed visual finds CupcakKe, Kreayshawn and TT posted up outside as they enjoy the heat of a summer day. They spend the entirety of the visual dancing to the rhythm of their infectious track, and if you know the beat, it's easy to see why.

The song itself is an anthem and a call to action for folks to get out and do their best in anything they do. Kreay handles the hook duties. "It's not me who's actin' funny/Since I made a little money/Go and get ya grind on/Go and get ya shine on," Kreay spits on the hook.

For their part, CupcakKe and TT dismiss their haters with some ultra-confident verses while melting into the hypnotic So Drove-produced instrumental. CupcakKe, who recently donated money to a family that lost their loved ones in Hurricane Harvey, sets things off.

"Feelin' like a buck, what the fuck you feelin' like? (That money)/Dead these hoes, that's a fuckin' piece of pie/Do it once and it's right, I ain't gotta do it twice/Numbers keep rollin' in like I'm out shootin' dice," Spits the Chicago MC, who dropped her Queen Elizabitch project earlier this year.

Peep the new video below.


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