Two days after Rock The Bells and my homegirl from Complex is STILL talking about Tahiry's ass.

Yes, Tahiry is fine. But Ice-T was also there with his model wife and she was dressed borderline inappropriate as she always is whenever she goes out in public.

CoCo is still the G.O.A.T. rapper wife in my opinion. Until rappers start stripping their wives nekkid onstage in front of a bunch of men that last smelled pussy at childbirth CoCo holds down the slot. At a Body Count show I watched Ice-T rip CoCo's top off, throw her to the ground and simulate oral sex and anal rape with her. How fucking awesome is that? So much so that I paid to go to the show the following day.

Tahiry is definitely in the number two slot even though she doesn't have the years on the strip that some of these other ladies have. Remember when Buffie the Body was able to charge people a premium just for her to walk through a party? Those were good times. I remember the days when the chicks that gave the super head were all writers for Black Beat.

Nowadays the asses are more manageable. Maybe this is another effect of the recession. Damn you Bernard Madoff! Since y'all dudes don't give an eff about these Rock The Bells photos how about some exclusive shit from SlaughterHouse that premiered at the 1st Annual Bring Your Own Blogger BBQ?

SlaughterHouse calls this joint 'Cuckoo' and after you hear their verses you'll know why.

Shouts to FlamPro for passing me this track.

"And I don't need no hook for this one..."