Cousin Stizz actualizes his Lamborghini dreams in his new video for "Lambo," a  subdued banger from his 2017 effort, One Night Only

Directed by Goodwin, the new visual begins with Stizz and a friend of his taking in the sight of tangerine Lamborghini. Within moments, though, the two are told to move away from the flossy whip, and proceed to get their hustle on.

Mirroring the lyrics to the song, Stizz and his friends literally roll the dice as they gamble on the street and play games of pool—presumably with the aim of earning money. When they're not doing that, they're also playing chess, or sitting at a table engaged in a high-stakes game of poker.

"I just wanna race a Lambo/Let's roll the dice and gamble/I just wanna race a Lambo /Let's roll the dice and gamble," Stizz spits on the hook for the Tee-WaTT-produced track.

It's not hard to draw parallels between the imagery in the new vid and the lyrics in the track itself. It's an aspirational video for an inspirational track, which points toward Stizz's ambitions for more. Speaking with XXL last September, the rapper touched on his plans for the future.

"Music-wise, I just want to expand," he said at the time. "I want to be able to play instruments. I don’t want to always have to rely on an engineer and a producer. I want to do it on my own. I don’t have a lot of time these days and my time is getting even more and more scarce, but as time go on I’m going to figure it out. I will make sure if I have a goal for myself, I’ll hit it. I’ll work to make sure I’ll hit it."

Check out the visual for "Lambo" below. Listen to his song "Lace Up," when you're done.

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