Funkmaster Flex's studio at Hot 97 continues to be sanctuary for the rap classicists of the world. The latest example of that came when Griselda's Benny and Conway stopped through for a 10-minute freestyle session.

In the video below, the two rappers made the Wu-Tang Clan's "Triumph" instrumental their first victim. What ensued was a tour de force of bouncy flows and impeccable rhyme schemes. First up was Benny.

"Got them on us, the staff just didn't search us/Ratchet chicks in skirts with ratchets in they purses/Big shit, I walk up clapping shit in person/Ya'll pack them little burners—those accidental murders," Benny spits on the track.

Like Westside Gunn and Conway, Benny is one of those guys that only needs an instrumental to rap all day. The Griselda Records brand is definitely strong in 2017.

Next up is Conway, a prospective 2017 XXL Freshman who's just a few weeks removed from dropping his Reject on Steroids project. If you listened to that mixtape, you already know what he does when a microphone is present. If you didn't, this is a great example.

"Look I used to pump raw shit/Streets made my young boy crazy, he done lost it/I green light it, he empty his gun cartridge/See a rapper's SUV and Young Dolph it," Conway spits. Damn.

After tackling "Triumph," Conway and Benny proceed to murder Jay Z's "Dynasty (Intro)" instrumental, but you're going to have to check that bit out for yourself.

Peep the raw freestyle session for yourself below.

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