Happiness and goodwill aren't usually things associated with The New York City Transit Authority, but Lemuel Hunter, who operates as one train conductor in the city's storied subway system, is doing his best to change that perception by rapping for his occupants.  ABC's New York City affiliate's Eyewitness News recently spoke to Hunter about his unusual, but definitely pretty dope, habits while conducting the train.

Hunter, who raps out instructions for passengers on his one train, says his rapping act came from a place of personal necessity.  "It started out as boredom," he tells the outlet. A short time later, he serves up an example of the sort of rap antics he jumps into during his work day, referencing Fat Joe and Remy Ma's "All The Way Up" in the process.

"I've looked at the crowd, I have children, I have middle-aged people, I have elderly people and I'll go, 'This train is a number 1 and we're going 'All The Way Up' Van Cortlandt Park, step in and stand clear,'" Hunter raps, using a husky voice that sounds like it belongs to an NYC DJ from the mid-2000s.

While Hunter still has to stick to telling passengers information about routes and stops along the way, he makes sure to vary things up with his delivery. "I have policies and procedures to follow so I just tweak it and play with it," he says.

In the video, one passenger lets Hunter know she loves his act—in large part because he himself loves it. "It just kind of made me happy because he's having fun with it," says Alice, a passenger on Hunter's train.

Apparently, that's just a day in the office for Hunter. "They get off the train and they say, 'Oh my God that just made my day!' and to put a smile on people's faces, what does that cost?" Hunter said.

Check out the news story profiling Hunter below. Also, make sure you check out our list of hip-hop fans rapping on the subway.

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