Common had a eventful 2014 filled with Ws and the wave continues to roll on. It was recently announced the Grammy-winning rapper will appear on the record breaking Fox drama Empire next season along with Oprah Winfrey.

The show, which depicts the fictional drama-filled interworking of an urban record label, will air its highly anticipated two-hour season one finale next week. But with the green light for a follow up season, moves are already being made. At a screening of the season finale in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 12) night, co-creator Lee Daniels revealed the two Selma actors would be casts in the next term. "Yes. Yeah, she's gonna be on it," he said of Winfrey's guest role. He also revealed he's writing a part for Common. "Common, you heard that first," he said.

Com has previously expressed he would like to have a part in the series, so it was probably a FTW moment for the Chicago MC who clearly didn't know of his role before Daniels announced it to the world. Now lets just hope Oprah doesn't still feel some time of way after getting snubbed by the "Glory" rapper at the Grammy's. He did have a good excuse. “You’re just so in the moment,” he later explained to Jimmy Kimmel about leaving the billionaire mogul hanging. “I saw David Oyelowo first and I was going for him. I was wondering if Oprah was really facing John so I didn’t know if that high-five was for me or for John, so I just went safe. I made sure I talked to her the next day."

Chicago love.