Sometimes, you have to listen to your heart. Coi LeRay is a 21-year-old rapper with Boston roots, who currently calls New Jersey home. Frustrated with her day job as a teen, she decided to quit and make music, leading to her dropping the song "G.A.N" in 2017. Since then, she dropped the thumping track "Huddy," her most popular song to date. Now she's got a new label deal with Republic Records and will be heading out an upcoming tour with Trippie Redd; it's Coi's turn to shine.

To introduce herself to the game further, Coi explains what it's like to deal with her surging popularity in a new freestyle for XXL's What I Do series. "I ran it up, got it, I never thought twice/And these girls in my DM, I said, 'I just might,'" she delivers. "Shit gettin' real, I gotta stay up/And I'm too busy workin', no time to lay up/Life is too sweet, I stack the cake up/And they say what they want, I do not give a fuck."

Aside from spitting fire bars, Coi is putting on for The Garden State. When asked to talk about the New Jersey music scene, Coi thinks the state needs to spread a little love. "Its kinda dull right now, you got a lot of artists that are in competition," she shares. "That's the problem, everybody's in competition instead of collabing. So the support system lacks in Jersey, but there is a lot of great artists in Jersey."

This year, Coi LeRay is keeping her cozy brand moving steady. She appears on the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse soundtrack, which currently sits at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart and will accompany Trippie Redd on his upcoming tour kicking off at the end of January. Plus, her forthcoming project, Everything CoZ 2, is on the way.

Catch Coi Leray's freestyle up top.

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