Who stole Asher Roth's lucky sweat shorts? Chuck Inglish, Roth and Helios Hussain take to the streets of Los Angeles to find out.

After downing a few brews to get his day started, Roth discovers that his shorts have been ganked and heads to Inglish's crib to see if he has any intel. While pondering the predicament over a few issues of old rap magazines, their investigation eventually brings them to a beachside basketball court where the rappers get worked in a three-on-three game against the man who snatched Ash Roth's Charlotte Hornets shorts. The scrimmage starts off well until the man who now holds Roth's shorts takes things seriously and dunks all over the MCs. The friends are left with no choice but to take their ball and go home.

"Sweat Shorts" is a cut from Chuck's Oct. 2015 album Everybody's Big Brother. The project features Manolo Rose, Boldy James, Donnie Trumpet, ManManSavage, DonMonique and more. Stream it below.

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