Since bursting onto the scene with his debut single, "Run It," in 2005, Chris Brown's become one of the biggest R&B pop stars of his era. But make no mistake: Breezy also likes to get these bars off.

After forming a situational duo with Tyga for their Fan of a Fan mixtape in 2010, Breezy's intermittently turned in some pretty solid rap verses. On their song "Holla at Me," which dropped 10 years ago in April of 2010, Breezy dropped off some quotable bars over a bouncy Jahlil Beatz-produced track.

"Ha, nigga, look at my jewels/Aviator shades, I ain't lookin' at you/Achoo, bless me twice
Ill rich nigga, I be shittin' on your life," he raps on the song, which also includes a fire verse from Tyga.

Breezy continued to flash his rhymes throughout the FOAF joint mixtape before he released his Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes-featured 2011 song "Look at Me Now" as the second single from his 2011 F.A.M.E. album. In August of 2011, he continued to show his love for rap by putting out Boy in Detention, a mixtape comprised almost entirely of rap.

While he occasionally dropped some arguably corny punchlines when he first started rapping in the public eye, Breezy's skills have only improved in subsequent years. By the time he and Tyga delivered their 2015 project, Fan of a Fan: The Album, CB had adopted a more straightforward style, avoiding flimsy punchlines while steadying his delivery.

Today, in honor of his birthday, XXL takes a look at 28 of the best Chris Brown rap verses.

  • "Ayo"

    Chris Brown and Tyga
  • "Westside"

    Chris Brown and Tyga
  • "Look at Me Now"

    Chris Brown Featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes
  • "Stranger Things"

    Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown
  • "I Don't Die"

    Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown
  • "Remember Me"

    Chris Brown and Tyga
  • "D.G.I.F.U."

    Chris Brown and Tyga
  • "G Shit"

    Tyga Featuring Chris Brown
  • "I Bet"

    Chris Brown and Tyga Featuring 50 Cent
  • "What They Want"

    Chris Brown Featuring Tyga
  • "48 Bar Rap"

    Chris Brown
  • "Holla at Me"

    Chris Brown Featuring Tyga
  • "Need a Stack"

    Chris Brown Featuring Lil Wayne and Joyner Lucas
  • "Bitches N Marijuana"

    Chris Brown Featuring Tyga and ScHoolboy Q
  • "She Goin Up"

    Chris Brown and Tyga
  • "High End"

    Chris Brown Featuring Future and Young Thug
  • "Wrong in the Right Way"

    Chris Brown and Tyga
  • "Bomb"

    Chris Brown Featuring Wiz Khalifa
  • "Champion"

    Chipmunk Featuring Chris Brown
  • "Til I Die"

    Chris Brown Featuring Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa
  • "Oh Yeah (Remix)"

    Chris Brown Featuring 2 Chainz and Snoop Dogg
  • "First 48"

    Chris Brown
  • "Last"

    Chris Brown
  • "100"

    Chris Brown Featuring Kevin McCall
  • "Snapbacks Back"

    Tyga Featuring Chris Brown
  • "Real Hip-Hop"

    Chris Brown Featuring Kevin McCall
  • "Real Hip-Hop 3"

    Chris Brown
  • "Ladies Love Me"

    Chris Brown Featuring Justin Bieber

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