2003 was Chingy’s year. The St. Louis MC rode the wave of three hot singles in “Right Thurr,” “One Call Away” and “Holidae Inn,” and ultimately earned triple platinum status for his debut album Jackpot. The subsequent years weren’t as kind, as Chingy failed to reach the heights of his debut album. Nine years removed from his biggest success, the rapper has not only returned with a deal with Epic Records, but also a new single in "Let it Go." He tries to continue to mount a comeback with the new mixtape, Jackpot Back.

The mixtape isn't able to reach the sonic heights for which Chingy aimed. Lyrics were never his strong suit, but in the times of his success, the production worked with his voice and rhyme style. Jackpot Back at times sounds like a missed attempt to clone Meek Mill. Tracks such as “Jackpot Back,” “Muthafucka,” “Go,”,“Bout My Paper” and “Swagg On It," are an look to capitalize on the today's hit Lex Luger-style sound, but fall flat. The majority of the beats on the tape have this feel, while the others are out to duplicate the sound Chingy had in 2003.

Jackpot Back is also just too long, almost bludgeoning the listener with 18 tracks that come across with such similarity. Nor does the tape have cohesion or clear direction. Chingy goes from random topic to random topic with songs that vary in verses where he talks about repping his city, chasing women and his swag. With Jackpot Back, as the title suggests, Chingy is simultaneously clinging to his past success while trying to copy the mimic popular sound. To come close to reaching the heights of his early career, he'd be better served staying true to —Nene Wallace Reed