Childish Major has never been the type to waste an opportunity. The Atlanta producer and rapper, who once called home to South Carolina, puts his skills to the test on a regular basis, whether it's behind the boards or on the mic. He got his name out to the world in 2013, as the producer of Rocko's hit song "U.O.E.N.O," and hit the ground running, which led to crafting more beats for the likes of Jeezy and J. Cole.

Not one to be trapped in the producer box, he dropped a rap project, 2017's Woo$ah, on which he worked double duty behind the boards and the mic, and released his follow-up album, Dirt Road Diamond, a few months ago in September. Showcasing his talent, Childish Major stopped by the XXL office to drop a new freestyle.

The first part of Childish Major's verse is all about his mind-state. "What's really on my head is way more than a bucket/I be lookin' like I'm fishing, all I'm reeling in is visions," he rhymes.

He also works Yeezy into the mix ("Mayne, I swear i ain't Kanye, but diamonds get thrown up and diamonds get slept on/Wanna drink until I throw up, my IG poppin', need my real life to blow up") and avoids being a sheep at all costs ("They want me make beats, stay sheep, man, that's hella boring/I'ma do some numbers, get known and get hella foreign").

While he's been putting in work for many years now, Childish Major is still working like His journey to becoming an artist started early. "I started writing raps when I was a kid," he shares. "Just random songs, but I didn’t start taking it serious until 2013 after my cousin Bishop showed me how to record."

Clearly, 2013 was a huge year for him. His background as a producer has also helped him evolve as a rapper. "I’ve learned different song structures and writing styles from working with all different types of artists," Childish says. Mix in his own personal creativity, and the quality of his work speaks for itself. He uses rap as both an avenue to keep him fed competitively, while also releasing whatever he has on his mind at the time. It's all coming together.

Check out Childish Major's Flex Zone freestyle below.

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