Yesterday (Jan. 8), Childish Gambino used his Golden Globe award acceptance speech to give an unexpected shout-out to the Migos for making "Bad and Boujee." During the speech, Gambino described the track as "the best song ever."

Later that night, the folks at TMZ caught up with the Awaken, My Love! artist to ask him if he'd be willing to get into the studio with the ascendant Atlanta-based rap trio. Gambino pretty much seems to be with it. "I have to, it's Zone 6," Gambino said to the reporter. "That's Atlanta."

Later on in the above video, Gambino's brother Stephen Glover offers further comment, saying "It's happening."

The Migos have been doing huge things over the last 12 months, and one of them involved appearing on an episode of Gambino's hit TV series, Atlanta. During a post-Golden Globes press conference, Gambino continued to put his admiration for Quavo, Offset and Takeoff on display after a reporter asked why he gave him their props during his acceptance speech.

“Because I think they’re the Beatles of this generation, and they don’t get a lot of respect, I think, outside of like Atlanta,” he explained. “There’s a generation, sort of like the YouTube generation that I kind of came up with, there’s a generation of kids that are growing up on something that is completely separate from a whole group of people. And honestly, that song’s just fly. There’s no better song to have sex to.”

Hopefully Gambino can turn his respect for Migos into a collaboration. The group's next project, titled Culture, is all set to drop on Jan. 26, and though Gambino isn't listed on the tracklist, maybe he and the Atlanta group have time to make a bonus track for the album's digital edition. We can only hope.

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