Earlier this month, a man named Marvin Carr was shot and killed in his native Chicago. Carr was better known as the rapper named Capo, an associate of Chief Keef. The story has taken an even more tragic turn, if possible--as the alleged shooter fled the scene, his car struck and killed a one-year-old boy named Dillan Harris. Keef had previously planned to throw a benefit concert for Harris' family, but as the New York Daily News reports, that won't be happening. With Keef realizing he's unable to return to his hometown due to outstanding warrants for unpaid child support, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has now banned a plan concert that would see the rapper performing live via hologram. Calling Keef's music "a significant public safety risk," Emanuel and his office effectively blocked not only the homegrown star, but his likeness from the city.

Now, despite the Redmoon Theater pulling its support Keef's camp says the show will go on. An Instagram video teases the concert, which will take place at a secret, yet-to-be-announced location, and urges those listening to "stop the violence." Keef rose to prominence while on house arrest in late 2011. Mixtapes Bang and Back From the Dead took the city's burgeoning drill movement to its guttural, percussive extreme, with "I Don't Like" serving as his breakout hit. A series of high-profile co-signs followed, and his 2012 major label debut, the Interscope-backed Finally Rich, stands as one of the best rap LPs to come out of Chicago this decade. He has since moved to Los Angeles.