As promised, Chief Keef starts off 2017 rolling, releasing his new mixtape, Two Zero One Seven, on New Year's Day.

Sosa has been plotting on his return after a lackluster 2016, which only saw him put out one official mixtape release, the Zaytoven collab, Camp GloTiggy.

Back in October, the Windy City rapper warned of this day while venting during a show. “All these faggot ass niggas rapping today? Shaking they booties and all that gay ass shit? Until 2017, that’s how long they got … on my kids, on blood,” he said. Today, he shows and proves.

Two Zero One Seven is 17 songs long, with its only guest appearances being Tadoe on the songs "Short," "Control" and "Stand Down."

Lux Luger, Young Chop and LeekLeek help out with production, but for the most part Sosa handles the beat-making duties, as he is credited with making 11 of the instrumentals.

Keef's production prowess is leveling up these days. So much so, that Young Chop tweeted that the Glo Gang MC would produce his next project, after hearing his new batch of fire production back in August.

Stream Chief Keef's Two Zero One Seven mixtape, below.

1. "So Tree"
2. "Fix That"
3. "Empty"
4. "Reefah"
5. "Falling on the Floor"
6. "Short" Feat. Tadoe
7. "Knock It Off"
8. "Hit The Lotto Kash"
9. "Check"
10. "Dope Smokes"
11. "Control" Feat. Tadoe
12. "Trying Not To Swear"
13. "Go"
14. "Telling It All"
15. "Stand Down" Feat. Tadoe
16. "Running Late"
17. "Anything Gets You Paid"

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