Is Chief Keef giving up on the rap game? The Chicago rapper implied such, either jokingly or seriously, on Twitter recently.

A fan who noticed Sosa hasn't been keeping up on his rapid pace of dropping new music brought the news out of Keef when he tweeted at the rapper, "Did you forget you were a rapper ?? You wayuyyyy behind on music drop something."

Keef then responded, "I'm retired you didn't know? To many niggas sound jus like me or saying shit like almighty would 😂."

Unhappy with the rapper's response, a different Twitter user typed back, "FINNA HAVE SHOOTOUT @ MY SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU RETIRING." The Windy City MC quickly talked him off the ledge with a productive alternative responding, "Nooooooooooooo. Go be something everything but a rapper or a scammer 😂😂😂 be a ball player or a lawyer or a doctor."

Keef isn't the first rapper in recent weeks to call out copy cats. Last week, Future was performing in New York when he sent a message to the rappers biting his style. Right before performing “I’m the Plug,” he addressed the crowd saying, “I’ma let y’all niggas know, it’s only one Future in this motherf-cker and I’m really the plug, really.”

But Hendrix has no intentions of letting the haters stop his hustle.

If Chief Keef does retire, he will more than likely be giving up further opportunity for priceless moments like this.

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