Back in October of last year, Chief Keef put "colored hair" rappers on notice when he said he'd return to the rap game in a big way once 2017 arrived.

On New Year's Day, the "I Don't Like" rapper put his plan for rap conquest into action by dropping his new mixtape Two Zero One Seven. Today, he's revealed the next steps in his 2017 resurgence, and it involves two more mixtapes set to be released this year. You can hear Sosa's plans for yourself in the video up top.

"I'm dropping Thot Breaker Feb. 14," Keef says in the video. He then claims he's dropping his mixtape The Dedication in March Mansion Music at some point after that, thus dropping all of the projects he says he's supposed to put out before he "goes on some whole other shit."

So there you have it. Just days after the release of his first big project since Bang 3, Keef's already got more quality music coming our way. For now though, you can just focus on Two Zero One Seven, which you can stream for yourself here.

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