Chicago's own CupcakKe has garnered a solid fan base for her music, but now she's gaining a ton of respect for her good deeds. Recently, the 19-year-old MC helped one of her fans after he was kicked out of his house for being gay.

The fan, a 17-year-old by the name of Christian, tweeted at the rising rap star a short time after his mother discovered text messages that indicated his sexuality, which was apparently one she didn't approve of.

"@CupcakKe_rapper im homeless my mom just booted me from the house :( yr music is helping me pull through queen...going through some tough shit," Christian tweeted about a week ago.

Not wanting to stand idly by while one of her fans suffered in the cold, CupcakKe promptly responded to Christian's tweet with a direct message asking the San Antonio, Texas resident if he needed a hotel, offering to pay for it herself. unfortunately, Christian is only 17, so he probably wouldn't have been able to check himself into a hotel legally.

Still, Christian more than appreciated CupcakKe's gesture. After the rapper's initial response, Christian sent his thanks through a direct message. She responded by saying "Let me [know] i just want you to be nice warm and safe."

“I was honestly shocked when she responded asking me if I needed a hotel. I really did need a shelter badly,” he said in an interview with BuzzFeed News. Christian told CupcakKe that he'd try to spend the night with friends instead, and later tweeted out a screenshot of their conversation.

Apparently Christian slept at a friend's house for the remainder of the night after telling CupcakKe that he'd try to work things out with his mom the next day.  Speaking with BuzzFeed News, CupCakKe explained her decision to reach out to Christian, seemingly noting her own experience with homelessness as part of her motivation to spring into action.

“The first thing that came to my mind was not that ‘this is a fan’, but this is someone who is in need,” she said. “Someone that’s about to be homeless just like I was at 13 years old.”

CupcakKe, whose pro-LGBT song "LGBT" has over 700,000 views on YouTube, went on to say, "The LGBT community is human and every human being deserves love and that’s what I’m here to spread at the end of the day."

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