Back in late January, President Donald Trump tweeted out a message saying that he would send the Feds to Chicago if the city's rates of violence don't go down.

His tweet would prove to be an incendiary one, as folks across the country labeled that such a move as an act of fascism. People everywhere in the U.S. showed concern, and in a recent interview with the folks at The Undefeated, the city's homegrown champion Chance The Rapper vocalized his own.

Chano thinks the president's potential plan to change Chicago is focused on the wrong angle, and he's sick of the condemnatory dialogue surrounding his city. "I hope he’s coming in to do some type of federal overturn of our state and city budgets in terms of schooling and housing," Chance explained.

He continued, "I’m tired of niggas talkin’ about Chicago like it’s a Third World country. Like, that it’s not a place of booming business with a very successful downtown and all types of new development."

Chance hopes Trump tries to fix the economic issues with his city, but as of now, he isn't liking the way Trump's plans are sounding.

"It sounds like he was announcin’ he was going to war with Chicago," Chance said at another point in his interview. "I don’t like to look at shit through that lens." You can peep the rest of Chano's interview, which was conducted alongside Chicago Bulls superstar Jimmy Butler, who was also being interviewed, up top.

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