Chance The Rapper once again wins big. Recently, the musical dynamo was named one of Fortune Magazine's 50 greatest leaders in the world, at the tender age of only 23.

Chano checks-in at number 46 on the list, which includes NBA superstar LeBron James, comedian and late night talk show host Samantha Bee, politician John McCain and Pope Francis. Chance is the only rapper on the list.

The publication commended the Coloring Book artist for his willingness to release his music without the help of a major record label and for donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. Needless to say, Fortune's praise is well-deserved.

If 2016 was the year that Chance truly rose to the ranks of rap superstar, 2017 has been the year of him becoming something even more. Advocacy and accolades have been the name of the game for Chano in the early stages of the new year.

Back in February, the Acid Rap artist took home a few Grammys. Less than a month later, he was having a meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to reform Chicago Public Schools. As we already mentioned, he took actions into his own hands a short time later.

During a press conference announcing his sizable donation, Chano gave props to the Chi for helping develop him into who he is today.  “I thank every person in Chicago for building me into the person I am. I’m a public school kid, so I thank CPS," he said during the conference."

He continued, "I know we’re in our troubles right now, but we’re about to get past this. I just ask at every turn, at every level, that every one has a voice and a hand in this. That goes out to the highest level people, the organizers, the parents, the teachers. Thank you for raising me up and supporting me. I’m gonna need a little more help to get this done.”

Chano has been up to a lot of good recently, and it's good to see him getting recognized for it. In a response to a recent open letter thanking him for his donation to Chicago Public Schools, Chance promised that more good things were on the way. We can't wait to see for ourselves.

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