So far, 19 women (and counting) have come out to accuse Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually attacking them. Cosby's lawyer has responded to the most recent alleged victim, Judy Huth, denying the accusation and filed papers in L.A. Superior Court that Huth is trying to extort Cosby for $250,000 before filing the suit.  Huth claims she was only 15 when the attack occurred.

Cee-Lo thinks this move is heading in the right direction. He said, in a short interview with TMZ, “[Cosby] hadn’t said anything, which is also, to some, an admission of guilt, as well. It doesn’t seem fair, any way you slice it. But you can’t defend yourself in that capacity. You just have to let facts be facts and so on and so forth...none of this seems fair. It's just unfortunate because he's so beloved to so many people."”

Cee-Lo was in a similar boat in August when he pled no contest to charges that he attacked a woman after slipping ecstasy in her drink.—Celeste Little