Prior to dropping singles like “Hotel” and “I’m a Hustler”, Cassidy earned his stripes in the battle circuit. While he has proven to be a formidable lyricist in both arenas, both mainstream and the battle world, Cassidy recently brushed off any indication that he’ll return to battle scene.

During his interview with The Leak, Cassidy denounced any possible rumor of him returning to battling and going up against Murda Mook, citing that he wouldn’t be “motivated to do it.”

In addition to not being motivated, Cass noted that his relationship with Mook would also serve as a hindrance to the least than likely battle. "Mook, that’s my man now, too. We be talking. He even got signed to Ruff Ryders. That’s where I started. So, that little thing about him wanting to battle me, he said he was reaching out to somebody back in the day. That shit never came to me.”

When asked directly in regards to battling Mook, Cassidy dismissed it. “Nah, ‘cause Mook, that’s my little man,” he said. “I fuck with Mook so I wouldn’t want to do that.”-Carl Lamarre