Despite warnings to self-quarantine and social distance, Casanova is sticking true to his "we outside" motto. However, the rapper recently found himself clashing with police after trying to film a music video in Brooklyn, N.Y.

On Saturday (March 21), the BK MC posted videos on his Instagram Story of himself out and about in the streets of NYC with not a care in the world about the dreaded coronavirus. In one clip, he gloats over the fact that he was able to get his mother out of the house. In another clip, he stands closely with several men as he denounces fear of COVID-19.

"We all test positive for corona," he jokes. "We don't give a fuck, we outside," he adds before fake coughing.

Cas took his anti-social-distancing stance further when the day culminated with a video shoot, which he announced via IG.

"Video shoot in Flatbush right now. This show don't stop. I'm still outside,"  he posted.

Casanova_2x via Instagram

One shot in the video, shared on IG, features several men huddled together. At some point, things apparently went left. Footage reportedly captured from the set of the video shows it swarmed with what looks like dozens of NYPD officers. The scene is hectic with a lot of yelling and screaming going on. Cas can be heard yelling. At one point in the video, he appears to tell an officer, "Sergeant, you not built like that.”

At the end of the video, Cas tells the officers to "get home safe" before storming off.

It is unclear what caused the officers to descend upon the shoot or if any arrests were made. XXL has reached out to the NYPD and Casanova's camp for comment.

Cas has since seemed to address the situation via social media.

"As long as I gotta pay rent Im gonna be outside!!" he posted on his Instagram Story on Sunday (March 22). "Child support don't give a fuck about corona either."

Casanova_2x via Instagram
Casanova_2x via Instagram

Casanova's relationship with the NYPD is exactly stellar. Under police request, he was blocked from performing at the 2019 Rolling Loud New York festival last year. In April 2018, he was reportedly shot at while filming a video in Brooklyn.

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