Casanova delivers a powerful video for his latest single "Jail Call." The song appears on Behind These Scars, a new album Cas dropped on Friday (Oct. 11). XXL premieres the visual today.

Directed by Marc Diamond, the video shows viewers the harsh realities of prison life. Casanova narrates the entire clip as he finds himself in prison struggling to survive. While spitting his rhymes, we see the chaos that surrounds him including, acts of violence among prisoners and corruption.

"The video was inspired by real-life experiences and seeing that first-hand," Casanova tells XXL about the gritty visual. "When I was in prison I saw someone attempt to commit suicide. I couldn't believe it! I was traumatized! I think a lot of people don't speak about it because they never went through it. But, we should pay more attention to the people that are incarcerated."

The Brooklyn rapper hopes the video helps those who are going down the wrong path to change their direction and avoid prison altogether.

"It's so many people struggling in unimaginable ways to the outside world," Cas states. "Now that I'm out and successful, I have to speak up and raise awareness."

The song itself also sheds light on the trauma Casanova speaks of. "Twenty-something more years, trying to hold on/I can't wait to see the parole board/But they probably hit me with another five, then another five, sometimes I want to cry/Sitting in my cell sometimes I want to die/Kill myself I want to try," he raps on the song.

You can watch Casanova's new video for "Jail Call" below. His new album, Behind These Scars, is available at digital stores everywhere.

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