Brooklyn thoroughbred Casanova is one of the rap game's fastest rising stars, and he'll look to continue building momentum with Be Safe Tho, his latest mixtape. Today (March 3), the "Don't Run" rapper revealed the artwork for the mixtape, while also revealing the release date for the project.

Casanova used his Instagram account to announce the Be Safe Tho release date, and his caption included a shout out to controversial podcast host Taxstone, who's recently been indicted for weapons charges in relation to the shooting of Troy Ave at Irving Plaza last year. The cover features a courtroom full of people with lines drawn across their eyes.  Be Safe Tho is all set to drop on Fri., March 17.

Known for his deep, booming voice and gritty street lyrics, Casanova prides himself on bringing authenticity to his music. “I could take you to Comstock yard, I could take you to Elmira yard, I could take you to being in the hole for 32 months and getting your tray kicked to you," Cas told XXL a little while back.

"I could take you to being happy that I’m home with my kids, I could take you to getting money, I could take you to robbing, I could take you to selling drugs. I could take you wherever," he continued. “And real life stories. It’s not made up.”

We can expect to hear more of Casanova's take on the grim realities of street life when Be Safe Tho drops exactly two weeks from now. Stay tuned.

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