Casanova appears to be in hot water following accusations that him and his crew assaulted a woman in a New York City diner, launching a police investigation. Now, TMZ is reporting the New York City police have issued a warrant for the rapper's arrest in connect with the beating.

Original Story:

Casanova is at the head of some serious allegations being levied by a woman who claims she was brutally attacked by the rapper and his crew earlier this week in a New York City dinner.

The alleged incident occurred on Monday (Aug. 6), with the victim, Niya Rucker, speaking out to Pix11 about the harrowing event on Friday (Aug. 10). According to her, she was at The Good Stuff Diner on West 14th Street at around 4:40 a.m., where Cas and his crew were also present.

After receiving her meal, Rucker claims she whipped out her phone because she wanted to put her dish on Instagram Live. Moments later, she alleges she was assaulted by the rapper and members of his entourage, who put her in a choke hold and dragged her out of the booth she was sitting in. Rucker claims Cas specifically grabbed her arm during the melee, took her phone and deleted the social media post, with the thought being that he assumed she was filming him and became angered.

"This is embarrassing, I haven’t eaten food in three days,” Rucker explained of the aftermath of the incident. As a result of the beating, her jaw was broken, a tooth was knocked loose and she was also required to get stitches in her chin. She added, "And its more than just the physical pain.”

The woman claims she has since been contacted by members of the "Set Trippin" rapper's crew, begging her to keep quiet. The New York Police Department is reportedly investigating the story.

Cas, who recently squashed his beef with 6ix9ine, put out his new Commissary EP in June.

XXL has reached out to Def Jam for a comment on the matter but have not heard back as of press time. Check back for more updates on the situation.


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