All eyes are on Cardi B right now, with the release of her debut album Invasion of Privacy on Friday (April 6). The promo run kicks off Saturday night (April 7) with the Bronx rapper performing on Saturday Night Live as the special musical guest.

Bardi will appear on the episode with Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman who will guest host the show. Thursday (April 5), the two entertainers, along with SNL performer Leslie Jones, appeared in a promo ad for the upcoming episode. The promo contains three takes. In one, the two ladies try to break the smooth, calm and collected actor out of his character as they urge him to say his lines with more vigor. In the second take, Bardi and Boseman jokingly insinuate they may be somehow related. In the last clip, Jones urges Cardi to kick some rhymes, but she declines.

Also noticeable in the ad is Cardi's outfit, an over-sized top that does not show off her curves. She's been uncharacteristically wearing more and more outfits like this these days adding more fuel to rumors about her being preggers. Cardi refuses to confirm the speculation that she may be with child. "I can’t address all the rumors and everything," she said in a recent interview. "I have been so open to people about myself, people cannot expect me to open up about everything. Certain things have to be private.

Check out the new promo for tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live guest starring Cardi B and Chadwick Boseman below.

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