Cardi B and Kodie Shane are two of the stars in Marc Jacobs and i-D’s new “A-Z of Music” video. Kodie Shane contributes to the letter “T,” which stands for turn up, while Cardi represents “V” for viral.

“I wanna be a fashion icon,” Cardi says around the 3:10 mark of the video. “I wanna be hitting charts and charts and charts. I wanna be number one.”

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Dave Harrington and director Sam de Jong are the creative forces behind the video. Cardi was quite excited to be part of the campaign and expressed her appreciation on social media.

“Thank you sooo much for this amazing opportunity @i_d and @marcjacobs!!” Cardi wrote on Instagram. “Check me out now in this super dope campaign called the ‘A-Z of Music’!!”

Cardi’s contribution is another one for the resume as she establishes herself as more than a reality television star. The video is an even bigger placement for Kodie, who is just starting out in her career. XXL recently caught up with the young rapper to learn about her plans in the music business.

“My goal in general is to make music for the youth that the youth can love,” she said. “Not only just for the youth but almost be their voice. Just show that they can do whatever they want. My goal in music, I’m tryna get some Grammys. I’m tryna be like Lauryn Hill off of one album.”

Check out the “A-Z of Music” video below.

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