"Bodak Yellow" has been a huge success for Cardi B, but the single has also proved to be helpful for the rapper's dentist.

According Dr. Cartrise Austin, "Since the song 'Bodak Yellow,' that just went No. 1 this week, went out, things have been incredible." She told TMZ, "My business has literally tripled."

Dr. Austin says thanks to the song's lyric "got a bag and fixed my teeth," many listeners have been curious to find out who did Cardi's dental work. The rapper has not been shy about discussing the work she had on her teeth and even appeared in a promotional video for the dentist.

Cardi showed off her new grill last year in a video posted on social media. In typical Cardi fashion, the rapper had a strong message for her haters while showing off her smile. "Suck my dick," she said in the clip.

Recently, Cardi B allegedly found herself in a chokehold at the hands of the New York Police Department. According to the rapper, she got into an argument with another driver in New York City when she was then allegedly put in a chokehold by a cop.

The NYPD denied Cardi's claims, saying they were unable to find any evidence that supported the incident. While the department has asked the artist to come forward and talk to them, Cardi said that won't be happening.

“They had went to my family house—and I don’t really wanna make a statement ’cause I ain’t never talk to no 12 before, and even if I did talk, are they gonna even do anything about it?" she said. "Most likely not, so why would I waste my time?”

If you're one of the few who have yet to hear Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow," check out the song below.

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