Once a baller, always a baller—or at least that's the point Cam'ron seemingly tried to make when he used his Instagram to challenge Stephon Marbury, who's a former NBA star and current professional baller in the Chinese Basketball Association, to a game of one-on-one a couple of days ago (April 10).

"@starburymarbury 😂😂u ain't lying. I did use to blow (nh) spit bubbles on niggas.. But how bout this, me and u 1 on 1 July 4, Madison square garden.. Half the proceeds go to @deli_cash family (RIP). Let me know if u want that sauce?!! Oh yea I forgot u gotta go back to China 😑 why u here in America anyway? U said U wasn't ever coming back?..lol u know u still my nigga tho!! 💪🏾🏀," Cam wrote in a screenshot of Marbury responding to one of our tweets.

Days before the challenge, the Purple Haze rapper used his Instagram account to claim he "scrapped" New York high school stars turned pros Marbury, Kareem Reid and Rafer Alston. That's what led to a friendly back-and-forth between the two former high school basketball rivals.

In the aforementioned tweet, Marbury responded by saying, "Lmao! maybe at blowing spit bubbles," while shooting down the notion that Killa Cam used to beat him in ball. But will he accept Cam's challenge?

You can see Cam's latest IG post issuing the challenge below, stipulating that he and Marbury would play one-on-one at Madison Square Garden on July 4 and that proceeds from tickets to the showdown would go to the family of the late Murph Deli. You can see the Instagram post that led to Marbury's initial response below that.

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