Before all of you fucks of pedestrian mentality start flinging your feces let me open this drop with a rest in peace to Stack Bundles, Dr. Donda West and Pimp C. None of their passings were natural in the standard sense of natural, meaning like, being old like that dude Evel Kneivel was. Dude wasn't even that old either. Maybe all that talk of Americans living longer was just hype to get me to waste more money in Atlantic City under the pretense that I would live long enough to visit again to win it back.

The one thing I can say about Stack Bundles, Dr. West and Pimp C is that they all came in contact(by at least six degrees) with the blogger known as Byron Crawford. This is an ominous sign for Lupe Fiasco and especially revealing for XXL Mag Dot Commenting superstar TPAR and his weedcarrier Around. Let's just say that Byron Crawford moonlights as the angel Gabriel, you know, just to keep the lights on and pay that premium cable television bill, 2007 has been a pretty busy year. The fourth quarter has been particularly active.

I would say that Lupe doesn't really have to worry about the blogging angel of death so much since he already committed career suicide during the aftermath of the Vh-1 Hip-Hop Honors awards. How do you kill something that is already dead? I can see why Atlantic Records would want to revive Lupe's alt-rap corpse since their meal ticket main artist decided to play Blackwater at the B.E.T. awards. Its just nearly impossible to move Lupe's image forward when he is philosophically against everything that makes him popular. People gravitated to Lupe from the gate because he was the alternative to coke rhyme rappers.

Lupe bristled at the notion of being associated with the backpack set because in his mind he was a gun-toting-murder-death-kill rapper. Everyone can't be a murderer with a microphone so it would have benefitted Lupe to learn a few of the lyrics of say, a De La Soul, or possibly even a Common. Instead of fantasizing about the gangsta lifestyle Lupe could have been creating the new Hip-Hop anthems that deal with having your school lunch stolen from you or bedwetting.

Lupe could have been the next great emcee. Now he had better drive slow. The blogging angel of death begs no friends