When Kaytranada linked up with Goldlink, it seemed like there couldn't be a combination as groovy and compatible. Then Kaytranada and Buddy quickly disproved that expectation by dropping Ocean & Montana last month and now the video for "World of Wonders" today.

The video opens with Kaytranada waking up Buddy, who is unknowingly dressed in dirty clothes. Then when Buddy admits to having a wild dream, the two end up having one of the wildest days. It starts with a cowboy-hat wearing stunt driver who drives his Ford Bronco on two side wheels. And of course, the guys eventually get in when the car goes sideways again.

The video also cuts to some people getting their haircut in Buddy's auntie's house. The whole dream-like feel in the visual matches Kaytranada's brightly-colored beat. There is also a dance scene that is reminiscent of Kaytranada's video for "Lite Spots." The video closes with the spotlight on Buddy's chameleon, who apparently dines on worms.

Although the song is about Buddy's curiosity in a girl's "world of wonder," the video rather focuses on the friendship between Buddy, Kay and their friends. It could be a subtle message from Buddy that an ideal relationship with a girl allows for plenty of time with the homies.

Buddy also appeared in Warm Brew's "I Swear" video from March. Kaytranada has been doing the most, producing for his brother Lou Phelps, Chance the Rapper and Goldlink on his At What Cost album. Pharrell has also expressed interest in working with Kay on a new project.

You can watch the video for "World of Wonders" below.

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