This past Monday (June 18), the life of XXXTentacion was cut tragically short when the rapper was shot and killed as he prepared to shop for a motorcycle in Deerfield Beach, Fla. Now, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel vows to bring the culprit to justice.

Speaking to the Deerfield Beach City Commission Tuesday night, Israel explained that, while the he and his colleagues haven't identified the killer or killers yet, they will do everything in their power to do so.

“We have not solved it yet,” Israel said. “We’ve been working very feverishly on it, our homicide detectives are working around the clock. It’s a horrific crime and we’re going to solve it and we’re going to bring those who did it to justice.”

While there isn't an exact answer about the motive for X's killing, the rapper's lawyer, David Bogenschutz, said police believe the incident to be a random robbery. “I think the determination was that he wanted to buy a motorcycle. But [detectives] aren’t discounting any theory," Bogenschutz explained.

XXX's time in the mainstream spotlight was brief, but it's clear his music made a big-time impact. Yesterday (June 19) fans of the polarizing 20-year-old held a vigil for the rapper at the location he was killed on Monday. It's also been reported that X's debut album, 17, has seen a 9,000 percent increase in streams since his death.

See video of Israel's vow to bring X's killer to justice for yourself below.


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