Brockhampton know how to turn up at their shows and keep their fans on their feet, but things can also get a bit dangerous in the crowd as well.

The hip-hop collective stopped by Chicago for one of their recent shows, and while performing their song "Queer," a fan in the crowd shows signs of being distressed, leading the group to stop the song. When the lights are turned on, Dom McLennon notices the fan and pulls him up on stage.

It turns out the fan hurt his leg pretty badly, but the video doesn't exactly show how. Being how fans often mosh at shows, it seems as though it would be easy for someone to get hurt. The group eventually grabs security and carries the fan off stage in order to receive professional medical attention. As of right now, we're not sure about the state of the fan's condition, but hopefully he is healing.

It's been a major year for Brockhampton, as the group dropped their anticipated Saturation II project, along with a slew of music videos like "Gummy," "Swamp" and "Junky" for fans to enjoy.

Watch the footage of Brockhampton pulling a fan up on stage after hurting his leg in the video below.

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