British singer Cher Lloyd struck big last summer with her debut single "I Wish," which featured southern rapper T.I. But she isn't the first artist to drop a chart-topping hit with that title.

Back in 1995, L.A.-based MC Skee-lo dropped the summer anthem "I Wish," which became an instant classic for its catchy hook and light-hearted lyrics. It can still be heard at barbecues, basketball games and even on the radio. That's why hip-hop heads rejoiced when Lloyd, who was a guest last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, decided to perform a special version of her "I Wish" by bringing out Skee-Lo to drop a verse from his hit. Surprisingly the two sounded pretty good together.

No word on who was behind this idea, but it's a good guess that hip-hop historian Questlove of the Roots, the in-house band of Late Night, had something to do with it.

[Via Rap-Up]

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