The wait is nearly over for Dallas spitter Bobby Sessions' latest effort, as the rapper is gearing up to deliver his new EP, RVLTN: The Divided States of AmeriKKKa.

The politically-charged project is set to be released on Friday (July 20). The Divided States of AmeriKKKa serves as the first chapter of many to come. Throughout the EP, Bobby aims to highlight the root of racial issues within the U.S., namely addressing matters of White supremacy, systematic oppression and the responsibility of becoming a leader in one's community.

The EP is also set to feature the rapper's most recent singles including "Pick A Side" and "Like Me." The latter is particularly striking for its context as it was written in honor of Bobby's cousin who was gunned down by law enforcement in July of 2012. The powerful accompanying visual finds the lyricist unleashing a fury of bars while hanging from a noose.

The project also follows previous releases such as 2017's Grateful and 2015's LOA (Law of Attraction).

The Divided States of AmeriKKKa marks Bobby's debut EP as a Def Jam signee. He announced his signing to the coveted label in February.

"My RVLTN EP series is about taking the politically incorrect conversations from the barbershop and expressing them through music," Bobby says of his forthcoming EP. "RVLTN will continue to unfold and evolve throughout upcoming chapters in my quest for viable solutions, black empowerment, and justice. This only the beginning."

Check out the cover art for Bobby Sessions' The Divided States of AmeriKKKa below.

Def Jam
Def Jam

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